Neutral Refractory Bricks

These are favorable for both acidic and basic lining purposes. They give good resistance against acidic fumes as well as corrosive actions. Neutral bricks are of two varieties namely high alumina bricks and chromite bricks.

High alumina bricks include alumina in huge amounts while chromite bricks include chromium, iron oxide, silica, bauxite, and iron ore in different proportions.

They are utilized to segregate the acid and basic linings of a furnace so that they cannot react with each other. They are not extremely significant as they are not utilized for fire-resisting purposes.

Chromite Bricks:

  • Chromite brick is prepared from fire clay comprising 50% of chrome iron ore, 30% iron oxide (Ferrous oxide), and 20% bauxite with tiny silica.
  • It resists temperature up to 2000?.


  • Carborundum is a unique variety of natural refractory bricks.
  • It can be made from fire clay including a greater percentage of silicon carbide.
  • It is used in electric furnaces.
  • It resists temperature up to 1900?.

Chrome Magnesite Bricks :

Chrome Magnesite Brick is created from a mixture of chrome and magnesite.

Spinal Bricks :

  • Spinabricks are produced from a mixture of alumina and magnesia taken in comparable proportions.

Forsterite Bricks :

  • Forsterite bricks are produced from magnesium silicone oxide mineral ( 2MgO SiO2).

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