Basic Refractory Bricks

These bricks are favorable at corrosion resistance and chemical resistance. They include a huge amount of magnesia and here also lime is utilized as a binding material. Various basic fire bricks usable are Magnesite bricks, Magnesia-carbon, magnesia-chrome bricks, etc.

Magnesite Bricks:

  • Magnesite brick generated from fire clay comprising 85% of magnesium oxide,3-5% iron oxide, and the balance lime and alumina.
  • This brick utilized as the essential lining of furnaces.
  • It resists up to 1800? – 2100?.

Dolomite Bricks:

  • The Dolomite brick is produced from the fire clay including a high percentage of dolomite.
  • It is a cheap substitute for magnesia bricks in furnace lining. Serpentine is utilized to enhance their strength.
  • It resists temperature up to 1400? – 1600?.

Bauxite Bricks:

  • Bauxite Bricks can be produced from fire clay including 86% Bauxite.
    • It resists up to 1600?.

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