Magnesite Bricks

Types Of Magnesite Bricks :

  • Burned Magnesite Brick

In burned Magnesite Bricks, Magnesia is used as raw material. It performs very well at high temperatures and it has a very strong slag resistance property.

  • Fused Magnesite brick

To produce Fused Magnesite Bricks, Magnesia is fused  and shaped  under high pressure. After that  it is fired under extremely high temperature and finally some technical treatment is applied to produce finished product. It has high bulk density and performs well at high temperature. It also serves as a strong resistant for hydration.

  • Magnesite Alumina brick

Magnesite Alumina bricks are produced from good quality Magnesia and Alumina Bauxite. It also contains small proportions of periclase and spinel. It performs well at high temperature and provides good thermal shock resistance. It also gives strong slag resistance and high RUL performance.

  • Magnesite-Alumina Spinel brick

Magnesite Alumina Spinel Brick is an environment friendly product manufactured by Ravani Ceramics. It is produced by high quality magnesia and synthetic magnesite-alumina spinel clinker with a large proportion of periclase and spinel.

  • Ordinary Magnesite Chrome Brick

It is made from sintered magnesia and chrome ore and sintered at high temperature. It is  having higher bulk density and stronger thermal resistance than the magnesite brick

  • Directe-Bonded Magnesite Chrome brick

It is made of low impurity chrome ore and high purity magnesia and fired at high temperature over 1700° Fahrenheit. It has a strong slag resistance and good performance under high temperature.

  • Rebonded Magnesite-Chrome brick

It is made with synthetic fused magnesia, shaped under high pressure and fired at ultra high temperature. It is produced using high purity of the raw material, the product has good high temperature performance, high thermal resistance, low air-permeability, and strong slag resistance.

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