Silicon Bricks

Silicon Brick belongs to acid refractory materials with properties of good acid erosion resistance, good thermal conductivity and high refractoriness under load. Silicon Bricks can service in the high temperature of over 1620?. Its thermal conductivity can rise with the rising of service temperature. There is no linear after contraction. Silicon Brick’s bulk can rise with the temperature rising in the process of baking oven. Silicon bricks are the better refractory products for coke oven. Silicon Bricks can be used to build the combustor, chute and regenerative chamber of coke oven.

Features and Properties 

  • Chemical Component and Mineral Composition
    The chemical component is different with the difference of raw materials. Generally the SiO2 content is 93·98%, al2o3+fe2o3+cao is 2.0~0.7%. The mineral composition of common silicon bricks is mainly made of tridymite, which account for 30~70%. Silicon bricks with high silica high density are mainly made of cristobalite which account for 20~80%. The residual quartz and amorphous state quartz all account for a small amount.
  • Refractoriness and Refractoriness Under Load
    The refractoriness of Silicon Bricks depends on the SiO2 and impurities content and property. There is more SiO2 content, the impurities are lower, and the refractoriness is more close to the melting point of SiO2. Otherwise, the refractoriness is lower. The refractoriness of Silicon Bricks is generally between 1690~1730?.
  • Slag Resistance
    Silicon Bricks are acid refractory materials, which has strong ability to resist the erosion of acid or weak acid furnace slag and corrosive gas.
  • High Temperature Volume Stability
    In the heating process, except for certain expansion, silicon bricks also happen to crystal phase transition and accompanies volume expansion. If there is unchanged residual quartz that will continue change to be tridymite or cristobalite and will generate greater volume stability.

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